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The workflow for providing a powerful, yet simple to use interface to manage 24x7 playout of programs and advertisements stored in I-Player playout device at each of Side.

i-Player influence the network to steadily and constantly transmit local content to different layout. i-Player has built a 'spider-web' modeled scalable network that enables even thousands of content insertion devices across any layout to access their local content and schedules. This network has built-in redundancies, is protected and delivers broadcast-grade content delivery using the latest cloud storage technologies.

i-player automation software enables Broadcasters file to be noted in XML as well as Database file. This allows you to manage you file to the server in the form of XML Data file. So the work load is reduced on server.

Playout Pros Factors


With i-player controlling tools and workflows, networks can be centrally managed even thousands of different playlists crossways its broadcast section from the comfort of their uplink position.


i-player platform is content, playlist and reporting format believer and can be integrated with existing playout, reporting and compliance systems of any TV network.


i-player is cloud based infrastructure, designed with enough Robustness measures and Securities to ensure safety and high reliability of content transport.


i-player solution is fully programmed beginning from the instant of playlist formation, up till final playout and exposure.


i-player Automation Software provide Multichannel Capability, in sight of providing the cost effectiveness of the system for the broadcasters. Multichannel competence allows you to run more than one channel from single held pc.


i-player Automation Software allows you to schedule your program from anywhere anytime for long duration of time. This makes you capable of getting you free from the scheduling part of the system. In fact this automation software provides you the fully content controller from any side of your part.